Sunday, March 18, 2018

Saturday, no make that Sunday, or Mrs. Crankypants

I started this post Saturday afternoon, the part about the knitting, but was unable to finish it. I continued working on it on Sunday when, Poof! it was gone. Thus, Mrs. Crankypants.
We have always had issues with internet connection during the 20 plus years we have lived here. I know we are kind of in the middle of nowhere, but in this age of technology I am really frustrated that things have not improved. I am sure part of it is the area I live, part of it is the internet provider, part due to an aging router and computer. It may be one or a combination of those things. The internet provider (almost) always says the issue is not on their end, it must be our router. I know the routine now and have usually reset the router and rebooted the computer before I even call them, but they always make me do it again. The blame my router. They don't have computer repair people on staff. I really want someone to just come to my house to check it out and fix anything that could be wrong. I am not computer literate enough to do it myself. We have had the Geek Squad here before and they usually don't find anything wrong and blame the internet provider. We have taken the computer in and usually end up purchasing a new one. It gets costly and nothing really gets solved. Some people in our are have great connections, some do not. So frustrating.

I have cut way back on the amount of pop I drink. We like to keep some in the fridge so it is cold. There is a designated space on the door that will hold eight cans. I put a shelf in the kitchen to store some cases on because it became a battle with my son when he was home. The fridge was always empty but it was inconvenient for him to go to the garage to get more. He is no longer living at home so my husband is drinking most of the pop now days. We have a trash can designated just for pop cans so we can recycle them. The first one we had was smaller and when it was full the bag could still hold a lot more so cans started piling up on the stove and counter near the trash can. We got a bigger one that hold just the right amount. When it is full so is the bag. But this still happens. this is what my kitchen looks like right now. Sigh.

Another thing my husband does that makes me cranky is whenever I get up from my chair or start to leave the room I hear, "Where are you going?". Uhhh, to the bathroom, getting a drink of water, going to get the mail. Why does he need to know what I am where I am going or what I am doing? It's not like I am going to leave without telling him. I notice this more on the weekends or during the summer when I am home most of the time. And, he interrupts me all.the.time! He says if he doesn't say what he is thinking right then he will forget. I get that, happens to me too, but I try hard not to interrupt.
I feel like I am just cranky or out of sorts a lot lately. Things bother me. The deal with UPS, my father-in-law, the frustrations my son brings into the mix, the computer/internet issues. It all adds up.
I know we are getting older early 60s), but I sure hope this isn't part of that process. I hope it is just that I am tired of winter. I want to see the sun and feel the warmth of spring. I want us to be able to live our lives without someone (FIL) being demanding and unreasonable.

OK, on to what I have been working on this weekend.
I started another Curvy Pouch.

I have finished the knitting and need to add a lining
This is my third one.
I have a multi-colored one I use to store my small knitting notions. 
The gray one usually has wash cloths in progress in it. 
It is ready to grab when I need a mindless project to work on in the car.
I added pockets to both of these. The multi-colored one has a small pocket with a velcro 
closure to hold small things like tip protectors and row counters. The gray one has a bigger 
zippered pocket to hold needles for weaving in ends, a thread cutter, stitch holders, etc. 
I usually also have a pad of small sticky notes in the pockets. 
I finished the knitting part of the new one. 

Now I need to choose a lining.
 Should I stick with the colors of the outside, or add a pop of color? 
I like the far left fabric, black, white, gray with a little red. 
The light fabric next to it is an off-grayish white with a light gray print. 
The one in the middle is a dimples print, which also really like.
I added the stripe at the top left at the last minute and like it too. Any of those would work. 
Green is my favorite color, but I seem to be gravitating to the pink. 
Hmmm, what to do, what to do?

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