Monday, June 10, 2019

Monday Quilting

On this Monday I am working on a T-shirt quilt.

before trimming, fusing and adding sashing

Not my favorite thing to do but it is for a family friend's daughter's son. 

left side, trimmed and fused, no sashing
right side, trimmed and fused, no sashing

I have 3 of the 4 rows sewn together with sashing. However, I noticed that I will need to rearrange at least a couple of blocks. I think I picked them up in the wrong order. 

Tomorrow I hope to get the remaining sashing and borders added after mowing.

I also have taken on a small job. I was contacted to quilt the borders on a quilt that has been hand quilted. 

Her husband would like 'to sleep under before he dies' she said. She has decided that she will not be able to finish it by hand quilting and is acceptable to it being machine quilted. It will be a new experience for me, but I like a challenge of the quilting kind. 

To see what other quilters are up to go to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

Sunday, June 9, 2019


I have no pictures but I helped my SIL with relocating yesterday. Last weekend her outside, porch, barn and basement things got moved to her new house. This weekend the inside stuff got moved. Well, most of it. All that were left was small things needing to be boxed and freezer/fridge food. She is not listing this house until early July so she still has time. And, she will still be spending some time there because she to be within 30 miles of the hospital as she will be on-call some until she changes to a different department which is happening soon. So a bed, fan and necessary items were left there. 

Another type of relocating involved plants. I was able to dig up some prairie wildflowers from the prairie that my brother planted. Not a lot, but enough that I will have a little bit of him here. These are the plants I brought home. I was just too tired last night to get them in the ground.

So this morning I got them planted. I hope I have identified them correctly.

To the right is Fleabane and Dianthus Armeria, also known as Grass Pink. 

The Grass Pink is so tiny. This is for size. It is a blurry picture because my phone would not focus on the flower. 

Here is a better picture found at

A couple of Coneflowers. I am guessing they will be purple, but I guess I will have to wait and see.

A Foxglove Beard Tongue

All planted in a row. I have planted some sunflower seeds behind them and scattered some other wildflower seeds throughout. 

You might notice there is a gap between the two plants on the right. I had planned to evenly space them, but realized that a rose that I thought was removed has started regrowing from the old root! 

Hey, I am all for letting nature take over and see what happens. 

Thursday, June 6, 2019


A deep sigh of relief! 

I did a thing. After much consideration and consultation with Husband. I have retired from my position as an aide at the elementary school where I have worked for the last 19 years. 

The longest I have worked at any one place. The job I really thought would be my last and would last until I was much older. 

But, things change and the frustration outweighed the joy so we decided it was time. The decision was made many months ago, but I didn't tell anyone until after the end of year Teacher Institute.

So, big sigh of relief and onward to finally giving my house the deep cleaning it needs but I never had the energy for. 

Onward to finally getting my home more organized, old sewing projects completed and new ones started, spending more time with quilt friends and in my yard. 

I have time to think about how I want my sewing area set up and time to rearrange it if something isn't working. Time to play with my embroidery machine and try new techniques. 

These are things I did every summer, but now there is no more pressure to hurry, hurry, hurry to do things that must be done, but not the things that bring joy and satisfaction.

And, time to help other people. My sister-in-law has decided to move. She has been struggling to live in the house she and my brother renovated, but he will never be in again. She closed on her new house last week and is in the process of moving. While I hate moving I am helping her this weekend. It will be nice to spend some time with her. Time I haven't had before. I hope this move brings her ... something. She says she will never feel better, but I hope she can find more happiness and less sadness. An sense of peace, perhaps.

I will also enjoy spending more time with my parents. We live over 3 hours apart so it really isn't a one day trip. My dad has dementia that is progressing so I really feel the need to spend some time with him. 

I have been walking around my yard more. It needs lots of attention, but I am looking past the weeds to the beautiful flowers that are blooming now. 

I finally got the petunias planted. They are doing well, despite the wind we have had. 

Husband likes red so we chose red and white petunias for the planters. 

It is interesting the variations in the coloring.

Husband was finally able to get into the fields. Still a lot of standing water in some places, but he is slowly getting the ground worked and seeds planted. It was all going great, until it wasn't. 

Something is wrong with this tractor and it got picked up today for repair. As if that isn't enough stress, my FIL was been driving around and around and around the section watching to make sure Husband is working. He starts each day by saying 'I don't want to tell you what to do, but...'. Then he drives around to make sure Husband is doing what FIL didn't want to tell him to do. And to make matters worse he is going about 5 miles an hour and really has no business behind the wheel. 

Before you think that it is possible that he is out there checking to make sure things are going ok and Husband is safe, he isn't. In the past when Husband has had a problem he just sits in his truck, no offer to help or make a phone call, just sits and watches. 

I think I will go take another lap around the yard and take in all the beauty of those lovely blooms.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Around My Yard

I took a little tour around my yard today. I don't get to do this very often until school is out. Too wet in the mornings before school and too tired at the end of the day.

Butterfly Plant

Variegated Weiglia

...these two did not survive the winter.

This Hibiscus is so late to emerge that every year I think it hasn't survived, but I see growth.

It produces beautiful flowers and leaves so I am very happy to see it is growing.

The roses we did not dig out have survived the weed whacking Husband gave them and one even has flower buds.

The iris, phlox and peonies are all doing well.

You can see in the picture above of the small maple tree and iris that we have a 'little' wind today.

That, along with storm warnings (again), is why these petunias are still in my garage and not in outside pots.

I love walking around my yard and visiting all the bright spots of lovely color and fragrance. Soon I will be able to do that more often. 

I also realize that I need to do a lot of weeding. Again, soon. Report card day is Monday. The last Teacher Institute of the day is Tuesday. Then my days will be mine to do as I want. 

Mostly, Husband will still me to help with hay baling.