Tuesday, September 5, 2023


I recently finished two quilts for donation. Our group had a special request for some quilts for four young boys who have had a particularly rough time recently. And, could these quilts please be made with Superhero fabrics? Of course, everyone responded immediately and quilts were made right away; more than were requested. That's a good thing because the two I made will probably not be donated.
And, I thought they turned out pretty nice.
I used the same fabrics in both quilts. I loaded them both on the frame using one wide back that was perfect. I liked it so much that I used it for the binding too. 

I used the same quilting design on both also.
And, then I washed them. 
That's when the disappointment set in.

There are three red fabrics in these quilts. One, or more of them, bled turning the one fabric with a white background, pink.
I know it's hard to see it in these photos so here's a photo of one of the quilts with a white paper towel.
And the color catcher sheets. These quilts have been washed three times with four color catchers each time. The last ones (on the left) are almost as red as the first ones (on the right). 

Those quilts are still losing color. I can't donate them if they are still doing that.
So I gave the three red fabrics a short soak. Clearly, it is the one on the left. That's the backing fabric. The selvage got tossed when I trimmed the quilts and I can't remember where it came from. 


I watched a YouTube video tonight about fabric bleed in a quilt. That person said she washed her quilt nine times before there was no color loss. I guess I could try washing these some more.  


I'm so disappointed. I really thought that today's fabrics didn't have bleeding issues.


Happy quilting!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

How disappointing!! I'm with you - "I really thought that today's fabrics didn't have bleeding issues." I hope you can find a solution - ;))

Gene Black said...

I realize that I am VERY late on this but here is a solution

Vicki is a fabric dyer and very scientific in her processes. I have managed to remove some ugly dye bleeds this way.