Sunday, January 6, 2019

Ending and Beginning

Winter break is over. Tomorrow I head back to school.
The temperature for our area is suppose to be much warmer than normal, but also very windy and rainy. I am NOT looking forward to inside recess after a two week break. I AM looking forward to helping these young people get back into the routine and grow their brains.

On Friday I took a little trip with my quilt friends to a fabric store we all love. And, then lunch, of course. When I got home around 3:30 I found that Husband had MOVED his farm office table into that empty corner and had brought all the longarm frame parts in! By 9:00 we had this...

By mid morning on Saturday we had this. 

It was a bit of a challenge as there is no manual or instruction guide. This machine is old, made in 1989, one of the first made. It is an Ultimate 1, not in production any longer.

The gentleman I got it from saved it from the dumpster. He refurbished it and made some modifications. He says he is well known at APQS since he called them often as he figured out what he needed to do to get the machine back in working order. He then used it for about eight years. I know it is a good machine. I just need to figure it all out.

The other challenge will be getting used to our space. We are trying to find room for all the chairs that were around the table and trying not to bump into things. Husband is getting used to his space as it is a little different than before. He has suggested moving my sewing stuff back to that corner and he moving to my sewing corner. I suggested he try it for a few weeks and if it isn't working we can move things.

Today, Sunday, I played around a little. The tension is way off. I can get the top thread to look pretty decent, but there are huge loopy threads on the back. I am not sure I have it threaded correctly, but again, no manual. I have been looking through the APQS webite and forum trying to get information. I have changed the needle and bobbin. Tomorrow I will rethread, clean everything really well, load a different practice piece and try again. I might need to try to slow down as well.

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