Sunday, February 10, 2019

It Gets Worse Before

it gets better. That's the way the saying goes, right? 
I hope it is true!

In my efforts to keep organizing my sewing/guest room I find that I am not happy with what I have done so far. A big part of that is because I am still trying to work around the boxes and other things that belong to my son. I am making a trip to take some things to him soon so that should help. 

I really feel that I can't get too much more done until that stuff is gone. I can't move around, or I have to move things to get to other things.

Then there is this...

I had sorted my fabric stash by yardage, as can be seen on the shelf in the photo above.

I think I would really like it better sorted by color. And, also by type - juvenile, sports themed, solids, etc. So I started on that today. It's a mess right now, but it will be worse before it is better, right? When I quit for the day the ironing board was completely covered. 

I found some nice totes at Aldi today. 
They were $4.99 for 2 large ones or 3 small ones. And, I love the color! I started filling them up and soon wished I would have purchased more. 

The large one, left, if full of sports themed fabrics. 
The small one, right, if full of fat quarters that will get sorted. 

At this point, I had sorted all the reds, pinks, purples and started on the blues when I remembered that I have quite a bit of fabric upstairs. Rats. I really want all my fabrics in one room. For me, out of sight is out of mind. 

As I have been working on this room I am trying to figure out what I still need and where to put things. Since I had to move things around to fit the big ironing board in I have ended up with this crazy corner where the table and cabinet meet.

I don't want to push the table all the way back into that corner because I will loose valuable working table space. But, so far, I haven't come up with a solution to make that area more functional. Right now I have just thrown some packages of batting and fiberfill back there since those are items I won't be needing to use for a while.

I am also finding that I need to do something with the iron cord. I am worried I will iron over it. I stuck a Command Hook up on the wall and draped the cord over it. That helps some, but I am not completely satisfied with it. 

I also discovered I want a small cutting mat and ruler, rotary cutter and scissors near the ironing board so I could trim corners and threads as I ironed. 

I found this wall file folder organizer that will keep those things up off the ironing board but still within easy reach. This one has a small cork board also so I pinned my pincushion to it. This area is still a work in progress, just like every other area in this room.

And, one more lovely sight... geranium is getting a third blossom stem.
(Do you see what is hiding in that picture?)

Edit: I always proof read and try to get pictures and typed lines arranged nicely, but sometimes I miss an error. And, things never look the same when I view my posts in my browser. I edit, and edit, and edit again, but they never come out the way I want. Some typed lines are smaller than the rest of the post, there are more spaces that I put in, etc. After three edits I decided it was good enough.

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A Left-Handed Quilter said...

It's coming together - slowly but surely! Organizing and sorting seems to be a never-ending process - but it's fun to pet your fabric while you play. Love your photo of the geranium with the snow outside - ;))