Monday, November 29, 2021

What's Happening...

To see what other quilters are up to go Small Quilts and Doll Quilts.

The week before Thanksgiving I had company for a week while Son was on a hunting trip. He got his first deer! 

Pokie got lots of pets.
This is his favorite chair.
And, I finally decided I could sew and he hung out on the bed while I did that.

While he was here I got the futon cover parts sewn together,


and all put together. I took it to Son's house for a fitting, fully expecting it to not fit. But it did fit! I left it there on the futon cushion and did not get a picture. My SIL will pick it up at some point. 
I also left the quilt I made for her there.

I'm not all that happy with the placement of the coneflowers on the back, but I know she will love it.

My quilt group was able to have a 2-day retreat in mid-November. I worked on Four-Patch Square Dance from Piecing the Past Quilts.

Also, at retreat, we brought out our Mystery quilt projects. Some had their quilts all put together. Some of us were still working on them.
This one didn't have a border yet.
This has a single large border. I think this one looks like snowflakes or stars in a night sky.
This one got two smaller borders.
This one was still in progress...
...but did get sewn together.
This one got put together in a completely different layout.
Here's another one before borders.
This one is completely scrappy and shown pre-border...
...and then sewn together with a thin white inner border and a lovely floral outer border.
This is mine. I was deciding which fabric to use for the border. I decided the one on the left was too blue.
Here it is in line to be quilted.

You probably can't tell in this photo, but there are seven quilts in line to be quilted in this pile.
I received three white backings to be used with some of these quilts.

After Son got home from his hunting trip some progress was made on his kitchen.

He is still waiting for the plumber to finish up the sink and dishwasher, and the cabinet maker to add the toe plate and attach the tall cabinet to the wall. Those things should happen this week. Son is anxiously waiting to get his kitchen back in working order.

Stay safe and well.
Happy quilting! 


Pat said...

so very sweet of you to dog sit! all your quilts are very pretty and sew much fun seeing everyone's variations on the mystery pattern.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Sweet dog! Beautiful quilts! - Congratulations to your Son for getting his first deer - and nice progress on his kitchen - it's going to be really nice!! - ;))