Monday, November 8, 2021

Design Wall Monday

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I have loaded this Amish Barn panel quilt.

I appliqued a backing to make it reversible.
In the above photo, I was trying to get the layout of the coneflowers reasonably centered with the front. They were appliqued to the backing, a light blue fabric. This quilt is for my SIL. We had visited a quilt shop a few years ago and she really like the Amish Barn panel. Her favorite flower is purple coneflower. 

I've mentioned the futon cover I'm making for her husband. I'm using fabric for his favorite teams - football on one side, baseball on the other.
It was supposed to be a surprise, but last week they were with my son and mentioned they needed to look for a new cover for it. Of course, he let them know what I was up to. They said, 'Oh, it would be nice if  Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs were included too. If it isn't too much trouble.' So... I have ordered more fabric. Both Cardinals fabric and one Chiefs fabric have arrived.
The other piece is scheduled for delivery today. I am going to make half of each side one team - half Cardinals/half Cubs, half Packers/half Chiefs. I have some unsewing to do.

I finished this quilt a while ago but wanted to get an outside photo. 
It is a little breezy here today. 
It blew off the ramp railing just as I snapped this photo.
The wind helped hold it against the truck long enough to get this photo.
The backing fabric is perfect.

I got all the house blocks sewn together and into a top. 
I am slowly working through my UFOs and getting them ready to quilt. I'm trying really hard not to start new projects or buy fabric except what is needed to finish up a project.

Stay safe and well.
Happy quilting!


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I had to laugh at your Son telling about the surprise - my kids do the same thing! Your Amish Barn is lovely - and your postage stamp quilt is AWESOME! Good luck on not starting any new projects - I have a really tough time with that one - ;))

Kathy S. said...

Glad the postage stamp quilt got outside for some photos. It's definitely a show stopper. It's so simple but GORGEOUS!