Friday, August 17, 2018

A busy week it was

I posted on Monday that this week would be busy, and it was.
Tuesday I made the planned trip to visit my son and take him some things for his garage sale (which they are having next week) and the seven fish from his aquarium. He had gotten some aquariums set up and was ready for them. He called me last night to let me know that one of them has not survived. I am not surprised by that, but hopefully the rest will be ok. My parents decided to come over too. My mom has been clearing her house of unwanted items and we all decided it would great to get rid of our stuff and hope they kids make some money off of selling them. We had a nice lunch and then GF went to work and my parents headed home. My son needed to few things from W-M so we did that, then I headed home. It was a full day.

Wednesday I had a fun fabric shopping trip with the quilt girls. I got some backing fabrics for quilt tops I have finished.
The purple piece on the left is from Joann Fabrics and was purchased pieced. It is flannel and Minkee-type squares. It will be a baby quilt for my great-niece due the end of this month. Since I have finished the other one this one will be given at Christmas.
The middle piece is the striped Ombre quilt and the one on the right is Fading Charms.

I also got some more fabric to make covers for the dog cushion (which they and the dog seem to approve of). GF loves Halloween and Christmas, Son loves anything hunting, camo, nature. I was thinking ahead and remembered to get zippers to match the fabrics!

Yesterday was quite a day.
It started out with the funeral for our neighbor's mother. She had been suffering from dementia for several years and had gone downhill quickly over the past few weeks. While it is sad to say goodbye, she is now at peace. 
We had to finish up some more family stuff that started on Monday. Long story and very frustrating, but today's events went better than expected. 
However we came home to a bathroom sink that had not drained in the 2 1/2 hours we were gone. It had been running slow for some time, but had always completely drained. Several years ago my husband had a plumber come to the house to replace the pipes as they are old and clog easily. The plumber replaced some of the pipe, but said the pipe from the sink to the basement did not need replaced and that he had 'some stuff to clear it right up' and would be back to do that. He never came back. The draining situation has only gotten worse. So at 7:00 last night we were taking things apart and trying to clear the drain. About an hour later it was working. Lots of water all over the basement floor and a mess in the bathroom. We did a quick clean up and I will clean more thoroughly today. But, first I have an appointment for my back-to-school haircut. My husband is running around to a bank, another bank and the farm office still working on getting the mess straightened out that his father created over 30 years ago. It all came to light when my MIL passed. The ladies that are so helpful (really, they are) at the farm office and said our situation is not unusual. Good to know we aren't the only ones, but still frustrating. Especially when FIL refuses to give information or hides it and lies about it.
Tomorrow will hopefully be a quiet day and Sunday is one last trip before school starts with my quilt friends to a quilt show in Indianapolis.

Monday, August 13, 2018

It's going to be a busy week...

... starting today. I have already had the oil changed in my car, dropped off paperwork at the farm office, took care of paperwork at school, and filled the car up with gas. I will be going to visit my son tomorrow. Wednesday is a fabric shopping trip with my quilt friends, Thursday we have a funeral, Friday is hair cut day, Sunday I will be attending a quilt show with my quilt friends. Monday is back to school for the staff. After that my time is limited. I am not usually very motivated to do much of anything by the time I get home so my quilt time will be limited to the weekend.

Today I need to gather as much as I can of no longer needed/wanted items. My son is having a garage sale this coming weekend and I figure I can get rid of some stuff and maybe they will make a little money. There is a Goodwill in their town if they have anything left, or a nice, big dumpster behind their apartment building. 

This weekend I finished up this little quilt.

The picture is kind of dark. The background is off-white, almost white. I love the striped binding.

I also made a bed for my son's dog. He has anxiety/stomach issues. Occasionally he makes a mess and last time he ruined the bed that they use in his crate. So I made another for him that is washable. It has an inner pillow encased in a waterproof cover with a decorative cover on the outside.

I pieced batting scraps and layered them until I thought they were thick enough. I stitched them together in several spots so they the batting layers would stay together if this part ever needs to be washed. I covered that with a case made out of on old mattress pad.

I made a zippered cover for the pillow out of a waterproof baby crib mattress pad. It zips closed. Hopefully this layer will protect the pillow from needing washed. 
Then I made a decorative cover by quilting a cute beagle fabric onto the remaining part of the old mattress pad. It also has a zipper closure. 

I think it will be fun to make more decorative outside covers - maybe for each season. I know GF loves Halloween and Christmas. I think it will also be nice to have an extra cover or two for when this one is in the laundry. 

It seemed like a lot of work, but I hope it works so their dog has a nice cushion when he is in his crate. Or the car. They only crate him when have to leave him home alone. He likes to have a cushion when he travels in the car. He settles right down and sleeps on it while they are driving along. I think is makes him feel more secure.

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Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Little of This...

...a little of that. 
I have been working on a little bit of everything.

The baby quilt on the frame,

this small counted cross-stitch project which I plan to make into a Christmas card instead of the ornament suggested,

and, more paper piecing on In A Pickle. 

Stitching, trimming, 



 Thirty more to go.


Design Wall Mondays and  
What a Hoot Quilts is challenging quilters to 
finish '18 in 2018'.  Check them out.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

What I Am Working On

School starts for me with 2 days of Teacher Institute days on August 20th. Students begin August 22nd. I know once school starts and we get settled into the routine I will enjoy the students. But, until them I am not looking forward to going back. Part of my duties are making the check off sheets for the teachers that shows what each student does at the end of the day. Some ride one bus, some ride another bus, some get picked up right at dismissal and others stay with me until the last two late buses arrive. Registration was August 1st and each student is required to fill out a transportation card that lets the district know where they live, if they will ride the bus to/from school, or be picked up and by who. I don't have the information from the transportation director yet. Also, there is an orientation day on August 20th for parents and students to meet their teacher, bring their supplies and confirm contact and transportation information. So I really can't to anything until that second TI day. And, there are always, ALWAYS, changes during that first week. It is my most dreaded duty. I have been having bad dreams about it for a couple of weeks now.
Of all my other duties (there are a lot) my most favorite is RtI time. I work with the students who are struggling in Math - number recognition and counting mostly. I have to access them weekly, but I try to plan activities that are fun for them while they learn about numbers. I found some nice file folder games at the end of last year, but didn't have time to get them together so I brought them home to work on.

Different ways to show numbers.

Strip puzzles help learn number sequence. I have these in other fun pictures too, like dinosaurs.

I also have another quilt on the frame.

This will go the my great-niece who is due the end of August. It is the very first Frivols by Moda - Kindred - that was available August 2015. You can see that I like to let my projects marinate for a while before I finish them! I could not find it in stock at any of the sights I checked, but if you are interested, or are not familiar with Frivols kits, you can learn more about them here.

Design Wall Mondays and  
What a Hoot Quilts is challenging quilters to 
finish '18 in 2018'.  Check them out.