Sunday, May 20, 2018

Sunday Lazy Day

I have decided that I cannot keep up with the daily gratitude postings, 
at least for now. So beginning June 1st I plan to start over. 
The last day of school is May 31st and I should have more time then.

Meanwhile, my yard has been busy, even if I haven't been. 
I have good intentions, but then it is too windy, too chilly (mid-60s and windy today) or I am just too beat from my day with kindergarten students.

Here is what is happening in my yard:
This didn't come from my yard, but the ditches near my yard. 
This is the first asparagus my husband found on May 7th. It was yummy. 

This picture was taken the 18th and I now have twice that much in my fridge. 
I am eating some every day and made some creamed asparagus for my 
father-in-law. Boy, it is hard to share it, but some comes from a 
little patch in his yard so I guess I should be nice and share.

The irises were just starting to open on the 18th.
And, this is what they look like today. 



The poppies and phlox are starting to bloom, also.

See what I mean about the wind? 
The poor poppies are losing their petals already.

I am very lucky that some lovely people have shared their plants with me!
I think of them often, but even more so when 'their' plants are in bloom.
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Monday, May 7, 2018

Gratitudes 6 & 7

Day 6 - What in nature are you most grateful for?
I am grateful for all of nature. Well, not so grateful for the critters, like skunks, raccoons and opossums that get in our barns and sheds and make messes and destroy things, but I know they are probably looking for food and a safe place.
I enjoy the creatures and green growing things.
My most favorite are flowers. 
They attract the bees, birds and butterflies 
while also giving me a wonderful sight and smell.
And, speaking of nature, I did this over the weekend.

Green pepper plants and cucumbers seeds in the pots.
I put the cucumbers in the covered bed to keep them warm and protect 
them from wind and birds until they are well established.

Tomato plant and lettuce and radish seeds. The tomato has a tile protecting it now.
This bed will get covered with a garden fabric for wind and bird protection.

 Straw bale with squash plants. The tiles protect the plants from the wind and birds. 
They will be removed when the plants get bigger.

Also did some cleanup in some flower garden areas, 
but much more needs to be done.

Day 7 - What memory are you most grateful for?
 I am so grateful for memories of my brother.
My sister-in-law loves to take pictures and she posted many on Facebook. Almost daily there are memories that pop up that she shares. I cursed Facebook the day he died for sharing that information before the family had all been notified. That is a terrible way to find out about such a tragic event.
But, today I am grateful for Facebook allowing us to see 
and share the wonderful memories of the great man my brother was. 
He is very much missed by all who knew him.

I also did some sewing this weekend.

Houses for the Quilter's Exchange.
It is getting so big there wasn't room for my blocks on my design wall.

The two blocks on the left are my blocks.
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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Gratitude Day 5

What sound are you grateful for today?
Right now I am listening to clothes tumble in my dryer. It is the 3rd load today. 
I am switching my cold weather clothes for warm weather clothes and they 
all need freshened after months folded up in deep drawers and totes. I am grateful to have a washer and dryer.  My Mother-in-law always hung her clothes out - year round. My FIL thought it was wasteful to spend money to dry clothes.
I tried hanging clothes out when we first moved here 20+ years ago, but we didn't have a proper clothes line so I strung one between the TV antenna tower and a tree. A tree. Birds flew in and out of that tree all day. After too many times having to rewash the clothes because of the birds I stopped hanging doing it. And, I only had time to do laundry that way on the weekends when I 
was home all day. By the time I got home for work I just didn't have time. 
It was not always convenient to spend my weekend doing laundry
I am grateful for the dryer so I can do laundry any time of the day or night.

When it was decided the house my MIL grew up in should be sold it became my husbands responsibility to clean it out. All of that stuff came to our house, to one of the tool sheds. It has taken up needed space in there for 3 years. Incidentally this is stuff that had been at the house we lived in before we moved back here. No one wanted it then. No one wants it now. Husband has decided enough time has passed and he is going to start getting rid of it. I have been seeing some interesting garden art ideas on Pinterest so I have started going through it to see if I can if there might be anything useful. 
I found this cute little salt & pepper set. 

Then I found the creamer.
Aren't they cute?! 
My husband remembers them being in the china 
cabinet that belonged to his grandmother.

After a little investigating on-line I find that I need 
to on the look-out for the matching sugar bowl.

I collect salt & pepper sets (thanks to my brother) so I will keep those.
My son's girlfriend loves, LOVES cows so I will probably give her the 
creamer. Even if I don't find the sugar bowl it is cute and could be used 
for something else - a tiny plant, holder of toothbrushes, makeup brushes, Q-tips. I'm sure she will think of something. Or, maybe she will decide she doesn't have room for it in their tiny apartment. Then I will keep it :)
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Friday, May 4, 2018

Gratitudes Days 3 and 4

Day 3- What color are you grateful for?
I love all colors. As a quilter I use all colors although I gravitate to bright colors. My favorite color is green. I like all shades of green.
I am sure I like green the best because it is a signal to me that winter is finally over. Everything is turning green - the grass is growing, the trees are budding, new plant starts are poking up out of the ground. A sign that the long, cold winter is over. 
I have been asking "Would You Rather" questions of my kindergarten students. One question was "Would rather not see color, or not hear?" No question at all for me, I would rather not hear than not see color.

Day 4 - What food are you most grateful for?
I am not a picky eater. I like most foods so this is a hard one.
But, this time of year when things are turning green and growing I love seeing this...

Growing asparagus
It grows wild in the ditches around here. My husband refused to eat it but he picks it for me. We transplanted some last year and it is growing!
One of my co-workers surprised me with some origami pieces her 12 year old son made. I think these are awesome!




 Another co-worker made this bird from a candy wrapper!
I have placed them all on my laptop at school. 
They make me smile every time I see them.
What a Hoot Quilts is challenging quilters to finish '18 in 2018'
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