Monday, August 14, 2017


Go to Small Quilts and Doll Quilts to see Design Wall Monday postings by other quilters.

I have been working on this...

made with Hello, My Name Is charm pack from Missouri Star Quilt Co. I got this as a Daily Deal while visiting there in July with my quilting buddies. There two pairs of Knitted Knockers hanging on the upper right. One pair is stuffed, the other not.

I also have started on the first of two more T-shirt quilts. These are for the daughter of a friend for her kids.

The first picture is of a tentative layout that has since been approved.

This picture is of the blocks getting the fusible interfacing attached, trimmed to size and stacked in rows.

They are not all the same width at this point. I will be adding sashing in 1 - 1 1/2" strips of black, gray or red depending on what color the t-shirt is. This will finish around 65 x 78 ish.

My computer updated the other day and now when I try to upload pictures from my camera I just get a black window. It seems like the program opens but does not show the picture. I have to go to control panel and find the device and open photos from there. Once I save the photo in a folder I can find it again, but if I don't do that I have to plug the camera in again and try to find what I am looking for. Total pain in the @#$.

I guess that is just another sign I am getting old! I get used to doing things a certain way and then there is an update or change and it takes me forever and a lot of frustration to figure out the new. GRR!

On a positive note, it is a pretty day here. We are waiting for hay to dry so it can be baled. Not my favorite thing to do and now, for a reason I don't know, I find myself in tears because I think of my brother every time we bale. I think of him a lot anyway, but it seems worse when baling hay. Crazy.

Also, my hibiscus is blooming and it is beautiful!

OK, I just realized this picture is from LAST year! because I can't find the one I took few days ago.
Crazy computer. Anyway, it is even bigger this year with more blossoms. I love the color.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Finished/Not Finished

To see what other people are doing go here to Judy's page Small Quilts and Doll Quilts .

In the Finished category ...


... this quilt is now on my husband's chair. 
He says he feels bad about sitting on it. I don't. It is made from scraps and stash. 
It protects his chair. He comes in from walking beans, spraying weeds, 
or some other hard work and is hot, sweaty, dirty. 
The chair needs some protection.

Also finished ...

Knitted Knockers. You can read about them here.
While I know some people who have been touched by breast cancer I made these 
in honor of my brother. After he started working as a security officer at his local hospital 
he sent me a brochure for this organization. He was always thinking of other people and trying to help in any way he could. Knowing that I am a knitter he thought I might 
be interested in contributing to them. 

So, this is my first pair. 
I have yarn to make a second pair in Cotton Classic Lite by Tahki Yarns in Color Toffee 4202 
which looks like this.

Tahki Cotton Classic Lite Yarn (4202) Almond By The Each
I plan to make more, but will need to get more yarn. 

They have a list of recommended yarns and most requests are for neutral, fleshy toned colors, but they do get some requests for brighter colors. I will mostly use those more requested colors 
but plan to make some in brighter colors just for fun!

In the Unfinished department is this...

... it is a smallish lap size quilt. It needs quilted and bound.
I used the Disappearing 4-Patch pattern in Block magazine.
It needs quilted and bound.
I like it so much I am making another on using My ABC Book charm packs.

I removed the three lightest fabrics since they didn't provide enough contrast with the white. 

I have the 4 patches made and 2 of the final blocks made.

I plan to use this on my rocking reading chair at school whereI sit to read to the 
students while they are waiting their turns to have a bathroom break. 
I was gifted with a bag of sweet corn this morning. It is more than we can eat as corn on the cob so it will go into the freezer. Better go get started on that!

These lilies surprise me every year. I forget about them until they bloom.

I memory of my brother.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Frustrations...I Got'Em!

After trying to do some shopping this week I can see why people are going to on-line shopping. 
And, I plan to do more of it.
We live in a small rural farming community. 
There is a grocery store (with limited choices), gas stations, fast food, dollar store and a pharmacy. 
To get everything we need we usually need to go to the bigger town 45 minutes away. 
We usually have to go to several stores and it is at least a half day trip.

On Tuesday my son needed to get a few things for some welding projects he was wanting to do. 

2017 Fair Project - 1st Place

So we planned our route to stores we both needed to go to. 
First up was the quilt shop where I got my MegaQuilter and Grace Frame. I needed bobbins. They did have bobbins for my machine, but only a few. I bought all they had. 

Second stop was W-M. I needed printer ink. They were out of the kind for my printer. The person working that department was very nice and kindly scanned the price sticker on the shelf so he could inform me that 2 cases of that ink would be arriving on Thursday. This was Tuesday. Fortunately, I am not out of ink yet and hopefully can get some the next time I go shopping. 

Third stop was the farm store. My son needed horseshoes, welding wire and some other items. They had ONE horseshoe of the kind he uses. He ended up having to get some of a different size to make projects that don't use as many shoes. But he isn't able to finish the project he started with the other shoes. They also didn't have the paint color he wanted. 

Next we went to the pet store so he could get some shrimp to 
help with keeping the aquariums (three) clean.

They were out. The next shipment was to arrive the next day. Went to the other pet store. They were out but would be getting their shipment late that afternoon. Also, the aquatic creatures pictured with their price are usually rarely available according to the sales person. Sorry, we live over 30 minutes away and are not hanging around or coming back later. So disappointing.

My son is a full-time wheelchair user so each stop means getting his chair out of the car, then putting it back in when we leave. That gets old after a few stops.

Today I went just into town to pick up prescriptions and get some plastic bins for kitchen drawers.
Went to the dollar store first to look for bins. They had several different styles. I chose 3 different ones to try but ...

Bins with lids

... I could not find the lids for the smaller bins. Found a clerk and told him I could not find the lids. I obviously interrupted something of great importance because he seemed rather put out and told me the lids were on the shelf above the bins. I responded that I had looked and was unable to find them. He again told me I would find them on the shelf above. I walked away and he finally said he would be right there to help me. He couldn't find them either. I take that back, he found ONE lid. There were 4 bins and I would have bought them all, if they had lids.

I'm frustrated that I even have to use bins in my kitchen drawers. I live in the country.
We have lived in this house for 20 years and have a problem with mice every winter.
I cannot seem to find where they are coming in or how to keep them out of my drawers.
So everything goes into bins to keep things clean. It is a pain to have to open a bin after opening the drawer, but I guess that is better than having to wash something every time I use it.
I have tried traps, sticky traps, blocking the spaces they might be coming in that I have found with steel wool, peppermint oil and any other remedy suggested, all to no avail. I do know the locking
bins keep them out. I see evidence that they have still been in the drawers, but they cannot get
into the bins. They get into the drawers in my bathroom as well. One day I opened a drawer and found dental floss strung all over, tubes of lotion and toothpaste with the ends chewed off, cotton cleansing pads pulled apart, just a big mess! I had to throw most of it away.

Next I went to the pharmacy. I had called in the prescriptions the day before. The pharmacy tech told me they would 'owe' me for one of my prescriptions because they only had four, FOUR, of the pills. The rest would be in Monday. Seriously?! What if I were leaving town, perhaps on a vacation, or something and couldn't pick up my prescription. I have one pill left. I am especially frustrated by this last one because insurance won't allow you to renew too soon so I only have a couple of pills. And, my prescription is a fairly common one that I would think they would keep stocked. It would have been nice to have received a phone call letting me know about the shortage on that prescription.

On a more positive note, the temps have cooled down considerably here today. And, even though it stormed last night we did not get hail or wind damage.

In memory of my brother.

Monday, July 31, 2017


I can already tell this post is going to take me a long time to do.
We have a really slow/bad internet connection today - as usual :(  

Over the weekend I worked on this cute baby quilt for one of my quilt group friends.
The blocks are cross-stitched. Aren't they cute?! The backing is red minky.
I have four more baby quilts to quilt for her. Three of them are cross-stitched and will have minky backings, the other is flannel squares and strips and will have a flannel backing.
What lucky babies!

She requested the Bauhaus Petite design. It is a fairly new one for me and I really like it.

I am loading this one on the frame now - *between checking to see if my pictures have downloaded. 

This is made from scraps/stash and black that I always have on hand since I use it a lot.
I will use black for the binding. The backing was bought for another project but
ended up not being the right color. Works well for this one.

It will be a cover for my husbands chair. The other one is dirty and shredding. 
I am afraid to put it in the wash because I know it will fall apart!   

I am using the Ravioli Petite design board. It arrived Saturday and I am liking it a lot, too!

*It took the better part of this morning to get this posted. I did work on the above quilt in between checking to see if things were loading, but still. Reliable internet in rural areas is not good.

 In memory of my brother.
I believe coneflowers and sunflowers were his favorite.