Saturday, February 10, 2018

Happy Thoughts

 Frozen Fog is so beautiful.

I meant to include these pics in my earlier post, but couldn't find them.
Three Happy Thoughts here - 1) finding something that was thought to be lost feels great!, 2) frozen fog is beautiful, and 3) even though it was very foggy and roads where slick in some areas we did not have a snow day (meaning school will not be extended another day in June).
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So... it seems I am having trouble posting every day like I thought I would.
It also seems I am having trouble keeping up my positive thinking. Part of the reason is problems with the computer - partly bad internet, partly Windows 10, partly who knows.
It has been kind of a tough week. 
The students are restless. The staff is a little restless and frustrated.
 I am sure this cold, snowy weather has something to do with it. 
We can't go outside for recess. My experience is that inside recess, while we are moving, 
just isn't the same as getting outside in the fresh air and MOVING.
Here is a picture of my area where I supervise restroom breaks. 
It is the front entry to our building so it can get chilly and noisy as people come and go. 
The picture is taken from the cafeteria door; the gym is just to the left of the cafeteria door. The restrooms are to the right and drinking fountains are under the numbers and words. 
You can see descriptive words - Up/Down, Over/Under, etc above the windows. Next to those are pictures with the letter the picture starts with. On the wall that you can't see by the rocking chair is pictures of a crayon box and individual crayons with the color word on each one with a picture of something that is that color - Orange is an orange, pink is a flamingo, red is an apple, etc. The wall that the chair is facing has sight words taped on it. More are added every quarter as they are added to the curriculum.
I do different things during this time, which is 20 minutes for each class. 
I recently found 'Would You Rather' questions. We are having fun with those. Some are though provoking (Would you rather live in a busy city with loud neighbors or the quiet countryside with no neighbors), some are gross (Would you rather kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab) and some are just silly (Would you rather wake up with an elephant trunk or a squirrel tail?). I read books and then ask comprehension questions. We play Bingo games - shapes, letters and sounds, sight words, numbers 0-10, 0-20, 11-30 and 'real' Bingo as the year progresses.
This week I read the book Charlie Needs a Cloak
In this story, Charlie is a shepherd. His cloak is tattered so he makes a new one. 
He begins by shearing the sheep and washing the wool. 
He then dyes it, spins it into yarn, weaves it into cloth, cuts, pins and sews it into a new cloak. 
Many years ago I had some sheep and tried to learn to spin. I still have raw and washed wool and a small amount of yarn I spun. I have carders and the spindle from the spinning wheel. 
I used store bought yarn to weave a small piece. I also have a cloak.
We talked about each step Charlie took to make his cloak as I showed the items I had and we discussed the part each item played in the story.
The kids seemed really interested and some thanked me for sharing my things.
Happy Thought - they were interested and asked lots of questions.

I have so many partially finished projects. I bought this multi-colored yarn a few years ago with the intention of making a sweater. At my school we have 'Jeans Day'. For $2.00, which gets donated to a different charity every month, we can wear jeans on Thursday. We used to pick a color each month for the top that could be worn with the jeans - red in February, green in May, etc. My thought was a sweater made with lots of colors would take care of several months. The back is finished, the front is mostly finished. I don't like these colors for me. So now I am trying to figure out what to do. A co-worker wore a sweater they other day with lots of colors similar to this yarn, but with a thin stripe of gray every few rows. I like the look of that so I might try that out. Meanwhile, I am knitting a scarf for my sister-in-law who loves these colors.

The pattern is The Unicorn Pegasus Rainbow Scarf. 
The pattern calls for 2 different colorways of Nory Kureyon, but I am only using one 
of I Love This Yarn in Hot Stripe. I got it at Hobby Lobby. It has been discontinued.

I ran into a little problem with one of the skeins - the one I chose to start knitting the scarf with.
I hadn't gotten very far when I found this knot. 
The colors aren't even closely matched up. 
And, the knot fell right on the edge. So frustrating. Then, after I took that picture I noticed another knot in the same skein. Double frustrating.

I ripped back and started over with another skein. I am almost finished with that skein and have not encountered a knot yet. Insert Happy Thought - no knots!

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Sunday, February 4, 2018

Happy Thought on a Snowy Sunday

This is what it looks like outside my windows today.

To the south, that is the neighbors house. You can see it now. A while ago, you could not.

To the north, the other neighbor but all you can see is that clump of trees.
The wind is coming from the north and blowing snow into the window screen.

I am happy we got our Sunday morning errands taken care of early. It had snowed during the night, but the roads were mostly clear. While we were shopping a wintery mix began with rain, sleet, snow. It got worse after we got home. I am happy to be home in my warm house.

So, what to do on a winters day?

I am going through the binders that I store patterns and ideas in.
I have 2 big ones for knitting projects, 1 big one and starting more for quilt projects,
and 2 smaller ones for other craft projects.
I have consolidated the tub shown above into binders.
I am removing patterns that I am no longer interested in or have made and will not make again.
I am categorizing by type. For example: knits: Hats/Scarves/Cowls/Mittens & Gloves is a category. Another category is Baby, another is Sweaters with categories for Cardigans, Pull Overs, Short Sleeve, etc.I try filing all the hats together, all the scarves together, etc.
It gets a little harder for the quilt patterns. I am using categories for Applique, Paper Piecing,
English Paper Piecing, Pieced, but then am sub-categorizing.
For example: Paper Piecing: 4 inch blocks, 6 inch blocks.
Piecing: Scrappy, Patriotic, Snowman, by Seasons/Holidays.

How do you organize your patterns?

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Happy Thoughts All At Once

Oops...I knew I had not posted for a while, but didn't realize it had been that long. However, I did continue to THINK Happy Thoughts every day, even if I didn't get them on 'paper'. 

I have been a little busy.

On the Saturday, Jan 20 we took a ramp to my son so he would have better access to his new apartment. He has to maneuver so many steps. From the parking area there are 2 steps from the city sidewalk to the main sidewalk that goes between the duplexes. Then another step up to his porch. Then another step up into the apartment. He is able to bypass the steps from the city sidewalk by going through the yard to the main sidewalk. That is kind of messy in snowy or wet weather. The ramp works nicely for the step up to the porch (insert Happy here). In fact it worked so well and the porch is wide enough that we have ordered another one for the step up into the apartment.

TravelRamp Fiberglass Wheelchair Ramp, 3 ft, 4 ft, or 5 ft
This is NOT my son's apartment. This is a picture from the Sportaid website.
We have, however, had a little trouble getting these ramps. We ordered the longest one - 5 feet. Customer service called me the day the order was placed to let me know they had a lightly used one they could sell for a lesser price if we were interested. We said, "Yes, please!". Happy Thought - Yay for good customer service. Tracking showed they ramp had been shipped and was at the UPS facility near us. And, it showed that was were it was for the next 2 weeks. We had some bad weather so at first I wasn't too concerned. But, then the weather was better and roads were cleared and still no activity on the ramp. I emailed UPS, they responded that they would check into it, but to also contact the shipper. The shipper said there would be better results from UPS is they contacted them and they would let me know as soon as they knew anything. Again - Yay for good customer service. The ramp arrived 2 days later. It had been sent two states away and was never scanned again. Next time I won't wait so long, I told myself. So then we ordered the second ramp. Sportaid was confused because they thought I was ordering a replacement. I explained that my son needed another and we liked the first one so much we wanted a second. Great. But, we still don't have it. It was ordered on Jan. 25. So, I called. This is a small company and the person in charge of getting the ramp shipped has been sick with the flu. I understand that! So many of the students at my school have been sick. And, they are out for days. The guy is back to work and they assure me the ramp will arrive by Thursday when my son is here for a visit. He can take it back with him. 

Things have been busy at school. Lots of learning going on. Two of my students have progressed so well that they have transitioned back into the classroom. Three more are very close. More Happy Thoughts - getting extra help from me is helping these students succeed.

My son's girlfriend loves cows. He asked me to knit her a cow hat.

Here it is...

The pattern can be found for sell at TwoOfWandsShop.
It is knit with bulky yarn and worked up pretty quickly.

My quilt group retreat was Jan. 25 - 28. I love this group! 
Happy Thoughts - every day! I got lots done, too.

On Day 1 I got the borders added to this top...

It is a free pattern from moda. The pattern makes a square quilt. 
I wanted it a little longer so I added an extra border at the top and bottom.

Next I pieced this 12 inch block...

Remember the snowflakes I embroidered in December? I had taken them to retreat to show and someone suggested that one of them might look nice in the center of this block. I had used white and very light pink for this snowflake and it looks pretty good. I am going to try embroidering it onto black fabric to see what that effect looks better than appliquing one on.

Next up was this BOM from Quilt Doodle Designs...

This is the January block. February is posted now.
This is one of the UFOs I listed for What a Hoot 18 in 2018.

On Day 2 I finished this...

This was a kit purchased several years ago from Keepsake Quilting. 
I looked on their website, but can't find it.
Also one of the UFOs I listed for What a Hoot 18 in 2018.

The rest of my time was spent on this...

I got the center pieced!
Also, one of the UFOs I listed for What a Hoot 18 in 2018.

This past week has been interesting. The students have been a little more wound up every day. I am sure that Super Blue Blood moon had nothing to do with it! Ha! I was really glad to see Friday afternoon. But, honestly, the kids have grown so much this year - physically and academically. Some more than others. That is why my job is so rewarding.

And, today is Saturday and I have been spending my time with laundry (it never ends!), organizing my projects and fabric a little better, and moving things around in my son's room so they can inflate the bed when they come visit this week. Yay! After that I am going to work really hard at getting some of my sewing/quilting things moved in there. 

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