Monday, May 23, 2022

What I've been up to...

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I've been busy.

See that black cart? The one full of weeds? I have filled that about ten times in the last few weeks. I usually go out in the morning and work until lunchtime. We had some really hot days a week or so ago which limited my time outside. Last week was cold, windy and rainy so I didn't get outside as much then either. It is still cool here which is nice, but the wind I could do without.

I visited Son early in May and helped him plant up a couple of tubs at his house. He chose all the plants.
He has kept me updated with photos. They are filling in and looking better every day.

There are beautiful things happening in my yard daily.

I visited a large greenhouse/nursery with my quilt friends last week and got a few plants that I have been adding to beds as weeding gets done. 

When I wasn't outside I was working inside.
Making blocks.

Cutting borders.

Adding borders.

Ruler to show size.

I've had a couple of finishes.
And, have another ready for quilting.

This guy keeps me company most of the time following me from room to room to assist in whatever I am doing.

Yes, that is a little Christmas tree in the background. It stays there all year. In early December Husband plugs it in so we can enjoy the lights.
He's a pro at relaxing!

Stay safe and well.
Happy quilting.


A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Beautiful flowers and quilts - love your little helper - ;))

AnnieO said...

Lots of color and pattern in your life. A helper cat is always welcome in the sewing room, lol

Judy Hansen said...

Your flowers are beautiful! And I love your little flag with triangles small quilt. Is it your original pattern? Thanks for joining the Design Wall Mondays Party. Hugs, Judy