Friday, January 12, 2018

Happy Thoughts

I see I haven't posted anything since Monday - because I don't really have anything to share.
Here is a picture to show what I have been doing.


Not much. 
I do enjoy this Stained Glass Wash Clothes pattern. I hope the people I give them to like them, too!
I haven't posted anything since Monday because I don't really have anything to share.
I'm not even sure I can come up with a Happy Thought for each day, but I will try.
Tuesday is so far away I can't even remember it! 
I guess my Happy Thought should be that the ice left and the roads were safe for travel again. 
Oh, I did just think of something. I can't believe I forgot this! I finally was given a laptop to 
use at school. I had been asking for one for several years. I was told last November 
(that would be 2016) that I would be getting one. I was very happy to hear that, 
but then my principal said not to hold my breath, the tech person was very busy. Hhhmmm. 
When this November I still had not seen or heard anything about a laptop I emailed the tech person. He responded quickly asking what programs I needed to use and where in the building I would be using it. We have bad connections in parts of our cinder block building. I gave him the information needed and a 7 days later I had a laptop. Yay! I found out my request was not on his list which leads be to believe that my request was never sent to him. I figured out how to make Google Sheets and share with my teacher friends! They will need to see how their students are progressing in math. Less time hand writing reports, less paper used for copies to teachers and for myself. My copies get sent on to the first grade teachers the next year so they can see them when those students are placed in their rooms. And, the teachers can access them any time they need to and print out the parts they need - for parent conferences, evaluations, etc. I am thankful for the other tech person, who is also the elementary music teacher, who offered to help me if/when needed. I am so happy I was able to figure it out myself. I have NO experience with Google Docs since I had not had access to a computer except for the few minutes when I cover breaks for the secretary.

Wednesday I was having a very emotional day. One of my co-workers arrives at work about the same time I do and we park close to each other which gives us the opportunity to chat for a few minutes as we walk to the building. She shared with me that she lost one of her aunts the night before and would need to travel this weekend to be with family and attend the services. She lost another aunt last week. I am sad for her and am praying that the weather is good enough for her and her children to travel safely. That conversation brought my emotions all out and we cried and hugged, but I was a mess the rest of the day. I also thought I might be coming down with a stomach bug. I now think that it may have just been the emotions since I began to feel better in the afternoon. And felt fine the next day. My Happy Thought for Wednesday is that even though it was a hard day I am thankful I did NOT have the flu and that I am blessed with caring people to work with.
Thursday I knew was going to be warmer, warm enough to play outside. Part of our playground area is covered with small rock and is large enough for all the kindergarteners to have room to run and play and I was sure the snow would be gone from that area. 
It was warm enough and the snow was gone, but it rained or misted all day. 
However, insert Happy Thought, the kids didn't seem to mind having to play in the gym once again. 

Today, Friday, was a half day for students and non-certified staff (that's me!). 
I am thankful for those days and hoping to get some things done at home. As I am writing this (it took several hours) I can see a beautiful sunset out my front door. I tried to get a picture, but my camera did not like shooting through a storm door. I turned the flash off so it wouldn't reflect in the window, but that was no help. Anyway, it was beautiful. So, is that two happy thoughts for today?
After packing my bags for retreat I have been thinking I need to make some project changes. 
I know what I have is not enough to last the four days though, so I guess I should 
leave it as is and see what I get done in the first day or two. 

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